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In these times when your customers are out there talking about your brand – the good and the bad – it’s important that you are involved in the conversation. Technology has changed the way we communicate with each other, and given us new tools for participation such as blogging, podcasts, microblogging and social media networking.

At Scorch we can provide advice on Social media marketing as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy, recognising that Social media is seen as an increasingly important part of the marketing mix. Social Media marketing requires an effective strategy and set objectives, to ensure you know your outcomes are being achieved. From there it’s about content creation, effective communication for social participation.

Businesses also need some basic search engine knowhow, such as whether or not your customers (and perspective customers)can find you easily. We can assist with recommendations for the best SEO options for your business, from increasing website traffic organically to using other methods such as pay per click, mapping and Adwords.