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Public Relations

Public RelationsPublic Relations play an important role in building brand awareness and also maintaining consistent, positive communication between your brand and your target market.

Public Relations is a planned and sustained effort to establish mutual understanding between an organization and it’s publics, that is, not just the general public but all of the organisation’s relevant publics. These can include your customers, suppliers, employees and potential target market.

Public RelationsA PR schedule should focus on the relevant messages you wish to communicate throughout the year, then ensure this consistent message is sent through ALL avenues, whether they be paid or organic.

Gaining publicity is a large part of the Public Relations effort, and is a focus of what we do for our clients at Scorch. We communicate regularly with editors, journalists and news publications to keep up to date with editorial features and news related to our clients. This results in our clients being included regularly in newspaper, magazine and online articles relevant to their business.